So for the past few years I’ve had my amateur art pages and I’ve always just called them Sarah Grace Photography or whatever… never putting as much time or effort into it as I wanted / needed to. But by 2020 I will have a whole new operation up and going! I have been working hard this year on different projects and trying to find myself as an artist. I officially chose an actual name for my art and I bought the rights to the website name and everything! It will be called Ineffable Designs. Ineffable means something that is too great or grand to be expressed in words. And since I am primarily (with the only exception being poetry) a visual artist I find the name to be very fitting! My mission statement is to produce affordable, quality and mindful art for everyone. I will feature many different types of art from my photography to calligraphy to graphic art to embroidery, etc.. I will have the website and new social media up and running in a couple months and I cant wait to share it with you all! Please be looking for it and give me a follow when the time comes. Thanks yall. Big things are coming.
Edit: I’m also going to have a blog for casual reviews of things/ places, poetry, maybe feature other artists once a week, how-tos on certain projects I’m working on and hopefully some open conversation, the possibilities are endless!